Christos Roumeliotis

Blockchain Researcher, Tech Entrepreneur


About Christos

Christos Roumeliotis is 23 years old, originally from the island of Corfu in Greece and studying for a Bachelor degree with integrated MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offered by the Faculty School of the University of Western Macedonia (UoWM). Christos is a Politically Active Citizen, recipient of a Reciprocal Scholarship, Active Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Honorary Member and former president of the local IEEE Student Branch UoWM. He is a Young Entrepreneur and has been involved in research in the field of Biomedical Technology & Healthcare and Blockchain technology in the field of energy. He has received international awards and recognition from the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of the most dynamic young people in Greek Business and IEEE Computer Society ranking him among the top 20 Emerging Leaders in Computer Science and Engineering. Christos was a Candidate Regional Councilor alongside the former Regional Head, Mrs. Rodis Kratsa - Tsagaropoulou who is a former Vice-President of the European Parliament and a Representative of the Regions in Europe. He is also Co-Founder & CE/EO of Blockchain Start-Up Gridusry and CEO at Innovation Bee, a Technology a Firm of visionary Thinkers, Expert Engineers, and creative Problem-Solvers. In 2022, he received the 1st International Award for his action in IEEE Region 8 Entrepreneurship Initiative, Honorable Mention from UoWM and in 2021, he was a guest speaker at Blockchain in Business by BOUSSIAS, his action was published in an article in Netweek magazine and in The Recursive which ranks him among the 10+ Greek Gen Z Founders.


Member of the Faculty Resources Committee (FRC)


The Faculty Resources Committee (FRC) is a committee of the University Resources Committee (URC). The mission of this committee is to promote the continued evolution of engineering education and the career enhancement of Engineering, Computing and Technology (ECT) faculty through quality programs/products/services designed to advance innovation in educating engineers. Also, the scope is to support ECT faculty, department heads, administrators and other stakeholders in enhancing university-level education with resources that foster career development, promote academic excellence, and strengthen educational curriculum. To promote and encourage communication, collaboration and further the continued improvement of ECT education among all practitioners.

Region of Ionian Islands

Candidate Regional Councilor

My candidacy was a testament to the values and ideals that I deeply cherished. I had pledged to dedicate myself tirelessly to fulfilling both your expectations and mine. It was a pivotal moment for the youth to step into the realm of self-governance, infusing it with new and vibrant perspectives.
Political Campaign:

University of Western Macedonia

Blockchain Research Scholarship

Reciprocal scholarship in the framework of the implementation of the project "New technologies and innovative approaches concerning Agri-Food and Tourism for the enhancement of regional excellence in Western Macedonia" with MIS code 5047196, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and from National Resources, within the framework of the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship and Innovation", with code for the management of MODY ELKE PDM 80601 and scientifically responsible Mr. Markos G. Tsipouras, Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering - No. Invitation 108/2022.

Innovation Bee

Co-Founder & General Manager

Innovation Bee is a B2B technology company based in Greece. The company focuses on IT research services, integrated solutions and software support and helps businesses adapt their solutions as defined by the new digital age. Our mission is to create Web & Mobile application solutions and help businesses unlock their growth potential and gain competitive advantage. Our actions aim to enhance the sense of innovation by transforming new technologies and addressing longevity and sustainability challenges.


Co-Founder & CEEO

Gridustry is a cleantech startup based in Greece aiming to provide customers with powerful digital tools to help them reach 24/7 carbon-free energy goals. Our vision is to change the way consumers and producers are approaching energy consumption.

IEEE UoWM Student Branch


I served as president of the local IEEE chapter at UoWM 2021-2022. The IEEE SB at that time had 7 staff members and very few active activities. In less than a year we managed to quintuple the active members (about 40 people potential), gained a nationwide outreach, and by 2022 we were considered the 4th most dynamic chapter in Greece. We developed partnerships with local businesses and connected to the know-how transfer network of Protergia, the largest private energy supplier in Greece, while in 2021 we participated in the IEEE Entrepreneurship Week R8 program and collaboration with 6 Greek IEEE SBs plus we created the IEEE Innovation For Health which won 1st place among 32 Pan-European similar activities and brought 1000€ to the IEEE Greece Section's treasury. In addition, we established, in collaboration with 6 Ph.D. candidates, 3 undergraduates, and with Advisor Dr. Christoforidis (President ECE Dep), the first official sub-chapter PES UoWM Chapter (Part of Power & Energy Society) in the region of Western Macedonia. The IEEE UoWM PES Chapter quickly proceeded in cooperation with Protergia of Mytilineos Group in pilot actions under the "Smart Cities" investment.

IEEE R8 Entrepreneurship Initiative

Ambassador, Executive Committee & Co-Chair

Innovation for Health is a 3-day event held as part of the IEEE entrepreneurship week 2021 bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. Research and innovation will be the key to ensure that the transition to a post-corona society is sustainable, inclusive and resilient. This year’s format will provide an opportunity to connect, take stock of research and innovative achievements in the global response to the pandemic and build on the EU’s response: worldwide coordination of excellent science for global health, social and economic recovery.

IEEE UoWM Student Branch

Blockchain Developer

We created a local research team and worked on a pilot project (Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and Green Certificates Issuing Based on EACs Scheme using Blockchain Technology) with the largest private electricity provider, Protergia of the Mytileneos Group.

University of Western Macedonia

Junior Software Engineer at Environmental Technology Laboratory

One of my first official jobs was at the Environmental Technology Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Bartsi. I worked with the execution of the WRF CHEM (Weather Research and Prediction Model - WRF combined with Chemistry) project as part of the ICARUS (Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems) project. In addition, I ran scripts and worked with the execution of CAMx v7 (Comprehensive Air Quality Model), as well as small java scripts where I simulated scenarios from bash scripts.


University of Western Macedonia

Oct 2018 - Oct 2023

Electrical & Computer Engineering

A 5-year curriculum leading to a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


New technologies (Blockchain, etc) and innovative approaches concerning Agri-Food and Tourism to enhance regional excellence in Western Macedonia

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Non-Invasive MS monitoring from a wearable In-Ear device based in AI platform - NIMIA

A commitment towards the betterment of Multiple Sclerosis community. We are planning a patient-centered outcome-based care model with enhanced accessibility and explainability for doctors and patients.

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A comprehensive survey of blockchain in IoT: Technological Solutions, Systems, Techniques

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Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and Green Certificates Issuing Based on EACs Scheme using Blockchain Technology

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Innovation for Health (Wei4H) 2021

Innovation for Health was a 3-day event held as part of the IEEE entrepreneurship week 2021 bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.

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  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Solidity
  • Python
  • Goal setting
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Relations
  • Engaging People
  • Organizational Skills
  • Prioritization Skills
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Handling Conflicts
  • Creativity
  • An investigative mind
  • Agile working
  • UI/UX Design
  • EU Programmes
  • In love with Start-Up Entrepreneurship 🔥

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